Comprehensive solutions include LTL distribution, air transportation, warehousing services and value-added services to solve the problems you need in one go.

LTL delivery service

Luxury VOLVO on time delivery Fast speed to reach more than 400 large and medium cities across the country.
The Orange Freight Logistics LTL business focuses on serving customers in the Guangdong region. It has established regional distribution and distribution centers in Guangzhou, Zhongshan and Dongguan. The daily cargo volume is nearly 500 tons.

The company has a large number of fully enclosed vehicles, flatbeds and high-column vehicles, GPS global positioning system, fixed-point start, full-speed high-speed, on time arrival, on time delivery. With the best route, you can prioritize your cargo, reduce your product inventory and increase customer satisfaction.
The transportation routes cover more than 400 large and medium-sized cities across the country, including South China, East China, North China, Northeast China, Southwest China and Northwest China. The network traverses things, runs through the north and south, spreads all over China, starts every day, has a wide range of radiation, and is suitable for customers who ship to all parts of the country and pay attention to service quality and cost control.


JUSHEN Express

All use imported VOLVO/SCANIA and other fully enclosed vans. Transport and deliver your goods on the best route to ensure your goods arrive in the first time. GPS global positioning, SMS, telephone, network to achieve full cargo tracking, so that you can grasp the goods in transit information anytime, anywhere.


JUSHEN Dedicated line

The transportation route goes directly to the whole country and reaches more than 400 cities. Low price and high quality, starting every day, suitable for bulk cargo transportation.


Personalized service

With zero-load transportation of machinery and equipment, Jushen Logistics owns large and small flat-panel vehicles, and undertakes short-distance and long-distance LTL transportation services for machinery and equipment. It can provide supporting services such as forklifts and cranes.
With limited delivery and timed delivery service, Cascade Logistics provides night-time delivery services and scheduled delivery services in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou for traffic control around large shopping malls, hotels and commercial office buildings.
LTL transport e-commerce warehouse warehousing services, citrus logistics and Jingdong Mall, Vipshop, Suning Tesco, Amazon's logistics warehouses to establish long-term stable cooperation, for e-commerce customers: factory pick-up, transportation to e-commerce warehouse, Cargo warehousing one-stop logistics service

air freight

Accurate air transportation, arrived on the same day; the route covers all important airport cities in the country
JUSHEN Logistics is the agent direct sales point of China Southern Airlines, Air China and China Eastern Airlines, and has signed long-term charter and cabin business with various airlines. The route covers all major airport cities across the country.


The company has established its own offices in South China, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Zhanjiang, Changsha, Nanchang, Wuhan, Nanning and Guilin Airports to handle cargo handover, security inspection, installation and other services, Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Hangzhou and other places set up a sales transit network, providing air-to-air transfer, air and land transport services. Provide door-to-door air express delivery service for customers


Easy to lose cargo air transport

Easy to wear fresh food, seafood, frozen products, live (pet, live fish, chicken, etc.) cargo air transport, according to the properties of the goods, can provide insulation packaging, live oxygenation and other additional services.


Valuables air transport

Cishen Logistics is familiar with the air cargo operation process of valuables in the air cargo industry. It understands the safekeeping warehouses, cargo storage and pick-up procedures of airport cargo terminals. For large and valuable goods, we can provide high-value insured services and escort services.


Express cargo transportation

For urgent items (tenders, samples, medicines, etc.), we provide air and cargo peer services, providing cargo airport pick-up and city self-service.

Warehousing Services

Equipped with advanced storage equipment to improve work efficiency and quality. Orange Shen Logistics has set up warehouses in major provincial capital cities and key secondary cities. According to different types of customer operations, we provide individualized warehouses, distribution warehouses, and transit platform warehouses. Warehouse operation mode, equipped with advanced storage equipment to improve work efficiency and quality


In the warehouse management, we also provide customers with value-added services that meet the sales needs, such as coding, repackaging, scanning, etc., so that the warehouse service content develops from the vertical direction. In terms of warehouse system management, advanced IT systems, with the support of wireless networks, portable terminals, RF data and barcode recognition, the Warehouse Management System (WMS) is fully applied.

Value-added services

Tailor-made for your best cargo packaging solution
The fruit appreciation service of the Orange Shen Logistics is a safety measure taken to prevent damage and loss caused by the transportation of goods. The value-added service products include: safe packaging, insured transportation, shock absorption transportation and other services, all for your cargo safety.


Safe packaging

According to research data from the logistics industry, the transportation of goods was damaged, and 47.5% of the reasons were due to improper packaging. Based on the type of goods and needs, Citrus offers you the best packaging solution.
● Carton: Five-layer corrugated paper design, the paperboard has moderate water content, good stiffness and folding resistance, and internal anti-vibration to prevent puncture.
● Packing belt: PP packing belt, high breaking strength, effectively prevent the carton from being damaged or deformed, and it is the "safety belt" of the carton goods.
● Fiber bag: Multi-layer thickened fiber bag, moisture-proof, anti-oil, anti-scatter, the first choice for cloth, clothing and other small items.
● Wooden frame: pine wood material, professional woodworking hand-made, iron nail reinforcement, tailored for fragile, easy to shake animal products (such as machines, computers, etc.).
● Packing film, bubble film: new plastic packaging material, light texture, good transparency, good shock absorption, impact resistance, is the preferred material for fragile and fragile goods packaging.
● Honeycomb carton: new anti-extrusion, anti-buffering, strong anti-vibration carton, cardboard waterproof, moisture-proof, light material, heavy bearing, light weight 55%~75% compared with wooden box, buffer performance is 2~8 times higher 360-degree protection of LCD screen transportation safety. At the same time, it can save a lot of wood resources and is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging product that is internationally recognized and promoted.


Insured transportation

Insured transportation refers to a special mode of transportation based on the value of the goods declared by the shipper. You declare the actual value of the consignment to the Orange Logistics, and if the goods are out of danger, you can get the corresponding compensation from the insurance company.
Jushen Logistics has established long-term cooperation with Ping An Insurance Group. We can provide insurance services for cargo basic insurance, cargo comprehensive insurance and cargo burglary insurance for your cargo. We can directly insure online after loading in your factory. The insurance agreement takes effect immediately, reducing your transportation risk as much as possible!
Reminder: Please declare the value of the goods truthfully at the time of delivery, and purchase the insured price according to the value of the goods to ensure that you have no worries.


Shock absorption transport

Jushen Logistics purchases shock absorption equipment of well-known companies: vibration isolators, damping spring shock absorbers, hanging shock absorbers, rubber damping pads, rubber shock absorbers, and other shock absorption products. For the installation of shock absorbers for precision mechanical equipment and instruments, your equipment and instruments are safer to reach the destination station. We have professional shock absorber equipment and technicians to provide you with professional shock absorption transportation service!

Comprehensive solution four services